In the Belly of the Woods

Adult Fantasy (standalone)

Pitch: When two children go missing from a quiet town, Jewish baker, Tzipporah, finds herself accused of stealing them to bake into her pastries. To clear her name, she must turn to her family heritage and learn the magic she's avoided her whole life. But when she turns to the forest for answers, demons stand ready to cause mischief and mayhem. And meanwhile, the ex who ended their engagement without a reason is acting more suspicious by the day.

Status: Revising

Water in the Blood

Adult Historical Fantasy (standalone)

Pitch: Naavah’s a defected pirate trying to find her siren father. Miriam’s the Sea Spirit made mortal. When a storm unites the women, both must find the Heart of the Sea to save the dying sea. But a dangerous attachment grows between the two lost souls. And Wind will raise every monster he can to stop them. 

Witch on Fire

Adult Fantasy (standalone)

Pitch: Fire witch Deirdre only knows how to run—from the magic she broke by avenging her coven, and from the corrupt witch who’s hunted her since. When she returns to her homeland—a fae-protected forest—she faces an ultimatum: heal her powers or resume her perilous exile. But time is short. Her pursuer approaches, endangering her newfound coven. Deirdre must fix her magic if she’s to stand and fight.