Avrah C. Baren (AKA Abigail, she/they) is a fantasy writer based in the DMV, where she lives with a neurotic tuxedo cat. She is an alum of the Pitch Wars Class of 2021 and a graduate of the Futurescapes 2023 Writers' Workshop. They spend their days researching mangroves and landcover change, which is probably why she mostly writes worlds with huge forests. They love writing fantastical tales with Jewish-coded and explicitly Jewish characters that explore our connections with nature and each other.

When she isn’t writing, she is climbing rocks, working at the Renaissance Festival, and trying to become a wood witch.

Represented by Laura Crockett at Triada US

Avrah is assisted(?) by Chihiro, the cat, who loves to sit on her chest and bite her fingers when Avrah is writing in the morning. She considers this her contribution to Avrah's writing career. Chihiro's hobbies include messing up the rug in the foyer, being scared of most things, and trying to get people to play with her.